WOWWWEEE! It’s about 50 degrees warmer on top of the Moose than it was Saturday, with 28 above up there at 6:45 a.m. It’s 12 above at the base and 20 at mid mountain. This was not expected, but there’s no question we are happy about it. First bus at 10, last bus at 2:45. Prime time at 12:15 for $5 off.
The groomers really got busy last night and smoothed a lot of runs, including Bear Ridge, Baby Bear, Lost Bear, Smokey Braids, Bear Cub beginner tow, Shreds, Gee Haw, Green Plate/Sundance, Solar Coaster, and Trans Montane.
There’s still some powder to be found out there as well…you’ll have to find it for’s a shot from last run yesterday..
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