Sunday March 17. Day 50 on the Moose. Happy St. Patrick’s day!
Due to the relentless onslaught of sun and heat now and in the foreseeable forecast (this morning’s low is 36 degrees at Cleary Summit with wind gusts to 16 mph from the east, and about 30 at the Moose Mountain base lodge), this could very well be our last day of the season. Highs in town are predicted to be 48 above today.
Conditions remain excellent on our west and north facing runs, and we are regrooming runs like Shreds, Northern Light, and Pipeline, which were in perfect condition yesterday. The south facing slopes are frozen in the morning and soft corn in the afternoon.
Just in case it’s really the end, we will be holding a SEASON PASS DRAWING today at 2 p.m. on the front deck of the base lodge today. Wear a costume with some green in it and get two tickets to the drawing (YOU must have a season pass or today’s lift ticket to qualify).
First bus at 11, last bus at 5, prime time at 1:45 for $5 off just in time to enter the season pass drawing.
We will also have a shortage of food, since we aren’t confident enough in the weather to restock, and the patrol may not be having their barbecue due to some on slope training needing completion, so remember to bring your own today.
This looks like the annual Moose Mountain Meltdown party! We’ll see you SOON!