Sunday, March 10. Day 46. First bus at 11, last bus at 5. Prime time at 2 for $5 off.
Some amazing spring weather this weekend, with low 30’s this morning and 40’s predicted again today. Yesterday was pretty much amazing all day!
Want a hot meal? Head to the Ski Patrol shack at Raven’s roost from Noon-3. Burgers, Chicken, chips, candy, etc. Proceeds to help the patrol keep equipment up to date in case you need their help one day.
Fresh groomed for today: Shreds, Otter, Weasel, Haw, and Alpenglow.
Groomer’s Choice? “Just do a Shreds Complex shredfest. You’ll find it.” (words by Jeff 😀)
For next weekend, we’ll be open Thursday-Sunday.
More photos and fun videos available at facebook/com/shredthemoose/