Ok shredders, today’s the day. Monday, Martin Luther King day.  Temperatures are coming up quickly this morning and the Moose will be OPEN from first bus at 10 through last bus at 3:30.

From the National Weather Service moments ago: “A brief warm-up will return to the Central and Eastern Interior beginning today through Wednesday before another cold air mass moves back in over the interior by late in the week.”

At 6 a.m. it’s 10 below at the base lodge, 3 below at mid mountain, and above zero and calm on top. Fresh groomers today include Bear Ridge, Glacier Bear, Lost Bear, Solar Coaster, Sundance, Trans Montane, Shreds, Gee/Haw to Alpenglow.

For more information try shredthemoose.com, and let’s hope that next “cold air mass” isn’t as cold as the last. Better get out and enjoy the warming today.