Sunday, February 24. Day 40. OPEN TODAY. First bus at 10, last bus at 4, prime time at 1 for $5 0ff.

Next weekend is March 1-3! We will push our opening and closing times back an hour to follow the spring sunshine.  The ski Patrol Barbecue on top of Moose will also be open weekends in March!

At 6 a.m., lows range from 5 above at the base lodge to 12 above at mid mountain and 24 on top. We expect to see lots of sunshine on the runs and 20’s above all over the mountain by this afternoon.

Today’s fresh groomers include White spruce, Wolverine, Sluice box, Gold Panner, Weasel Alley, Otter Slide, Gee, and Haw.

Groomers choice: shreds complex!

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We’ll see you SOON!