New Year’s Eve 2023
Open today. Gates at 9, lodge at 9:15, first bus at 10, last bus 2:45. Rope tow 10:45 until 2:30. Rentals must be turned in by 2:45. Half day is $5 off at 12:15, unless it’s already $5 due to below zero temps at the lodge. Phew!

At 8:30 am we have 4 below and climbing at the base lodge and 7 above on top. For a quick check on temps try the weather buttons below this report.

And did we say POWDER? Why yes, at day’s end and into the night, the Moose received 3″ of new yesterday, and it’s going to be fabulous on all our runs today. We hope you’ll come out and treat yourselves to some of the softest, driest snow on the planet!

We’ll see you soon!