Passes and Tickets

Passes and Tickets

Moose Mountain plans to reopen in November 2021, weather permitting. Due to COVID-19 situation and lack of bus driver availability, we will only offer self-shuttle and hiking/skinning options. 

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Season Pass and Ticket Types
Hiking & Skinning Season Pass

Self Shuttle Season Passes
(per Person)

Active Military
Student (Ages 7-18)
Ages 6 and Under or 80 and Over
One Day Hiking and Skinning Ticket
One Day Self Shuttle Ticket
(per person)

Day Tickets will go on sale after we open for the season.
ID required when picking up Military, Student, and Free Passes
*50% of regular bus pass per season.  Upgradeable if bus operations begin.  Pro rated refund if opting-out
** Daily limit will be imposed.  We suggest reserving on line while available.

Passes and Tickets for Moose Mountain Ski Area