Saturday Dec. 30. Open again.

Good morning shredders! The warming trend has finally arrived, with huge inversions between our base lodge and summit. At 8 a.m. it’s 14 below and rising at the base, and 10 above up top, 25 degrees warmer! There’s also an inch of new snow this week all over our 90% groomed mountain. Shredding will be awesome.

You’ll want some full face protection for the runout to the bottom from “the bears”, and down “the Rut” while the cold air gets pushed out.

Gates open at 9, lodge at 9:15, first bus at 10, last bus 2:45, half day at 12:15 for $5 off, but if it’s still below zero when you get your ticket it’s already $5 off, no need to wait.

Bear Cub rope tow runs from 10:45 until 2:30. Rentals are due back at 2:45 and are not allowed on the bus after 2:30.

We carry the best rub on wax for below freezing temps. It’s called Fastic, and a single application lasts for several days of shredding. Blow past your buddies on our catwalks, even in cold powder. Available at the front counter for $39.

We’ll see you soon!