Sunday, Valentine’s day. You gotta love the 40 degree inversion again today. So warm and sunny you’ll think it was April. Open for hiking, skinning, and self shuttle today from 11 a.m. (letting that sun get going) to 4 p.m. Upper gate closes at 3:45 for self shuttle.
It’s against the law to have more passengers than seat belts on the public road (gate to gate). Please don’t make us the bad guys. Please drive safely…this isn’t a race for the most possible runs..if that’s your goal, go to Skiland or Alyeska. The rest of us would like to have a safe, enjoyable time in the sunshine.
Our lodge is closed, we have no food, rentals, lessons, and the outhouse is around the back. We know Alaskans can easily deal with these inconveniences in exchange for the joy of skiing. This season we are offering the lowest rates anywhere for 1300 vertical feet of groomers and powder.
There are less than 25 “full ride” season passes remaining, allowing for self shuttle and purchase of a guest ticket. Skinning and hiking day tickets are available, and of course, shredding in the sunshine. Check our web site at for prepaid passes and tickets.
We’ll see you soon!