Groomers got busy again last night, smoothing out Brother Bear, Lost Bear, lower Solar Coaster (below Trans Montane), Waterfall, skier’s left of White Spruce. and Bear Cub rope tow.

Open today from first bus at 10 to last bus at 3:30. Lodge opens at 9:30.

Tickets are $5 off at Prime time (12:45) OR if it’s below zero (f).

At 5 a.m. temps are ranging from 3-4 above all over the mountain.

We’ll get you up top warm and dry, but again we recommend a no exposed skin outfit. Shredding will be awesome though. We’ll see you here!

Season pass holders with all wheel drive and snow tires may now park in our mid mountain lot near the old rental shop and ski to/from their vehicles…just be sure not to miss the last bus!!

Parking is NOT allowed on the road uphill from the yield intersection at the base of Moose Mountain road. Cars parked there create a one lane hazard zone and will be towed. The residential neighborhood is rightfully concerned. Thanks for your consideration and cooperation.