Powder Sunday!!! and the end of February 2021.
It continues to snow with now over 10″ over the weekend. Moose will open 11 to 4:30 with upper gate closing at 4:00 for the self shuttlers. At 7 a.m. it’s 0 degrees and snowing.
We are impressed with what appears to be a “baby boomer’s grandchild boom” on the slopes these days. It’s so much fun to watch them bombing everywhere, crashing in the pow, laughing, and popping back up to do it again. (As opposed to the grandparents doing their best to never fall again!)
To be eligible for self shuttle, you must have a season pass, only $100, found online at shredthemoose.com. You may pick up a day ticket ($15) for one guest at the same place. Only one guest per passholder, who must be skiing or boarding with you.
Masks in the base and summit areas, please. Be safe and courteous on the roads, we’ll all get there in short order.
We’ll see you SOON!
May be an image of nature, snow and ski slope