Sunday March 10. Day 51.

Ski Patrol barbecue today at Raven’s Roost, plus $5 burgers, snacks and drinks.

“She shreds the Moose” ski patrol event for women is today. See the post above for information. Always a fun day.

First bus at 11, last bus at 5. Gates open at 10:15, lodge at 10:30. Half day is at 2 p.m. Rope tow runs on demand from 11:45 to 4:30. Rentals are due back at 4:45.

Fresh groomer today: North Bear Braids, Lost Bear, Sister Bear, Glacier Bear, Black Spruce, Solar Coaster, Rabbit Run 1, center of White Spruce and the Bear Cub learning area.

We’ve been getting over 20f temperature increases by afternoon. For current temperatures, try this link:

Finally, it seems the State Troopers decided to impound, for whatever reason, an aging motorhome halfway up the Moose Mountain Road. Unfortunately for everyone, it took a big tow truck about an hour to extricate it, leaving all of us stranded at the base or waiting in buses. It was not the fault of Moose Mountain or our shredders, but we have agreed that we would like to give a break to those who were held up in the midst of the fun. Just save yesterday’s (Mar 9) bus ticket and we’ll give you $10 off on your next one anytime in the next few weeks before we close for the season.

P.S. did you set your clocks forward? Today’s that day!