Thursday December 28..Day 20. We are open today through Sunday from first bus at 10 through last bus at 2:45. Prime time is at 12:30 for $5 off. Unless it’s below zero at the lodge, when it’s $5 off already.
It’s close today. At 6 a.m. it was 2 above at the base, 9 above at mid mountain, and zero up top. No wind, light snow continues to fall and soften and silence the snowpack.  About one cent was added overnight.
Yesterday was beautiful carving on Lost, Way, and Brother Bears, and for today the night crew added Waterfall, Aspen, Shreds, Otter, and Weasel Alley to the list. Of course there’s still the powder on the north woods, and enjoy, but bring a friend. We’ll see you very soon!