Sunday, November 26. It’s colder in town, but we have some decent inversion today. At 7 a.m. the base lodge is 10 below, with 5 above at mid mountain. It’s clear today and the weather service is expecting a high around 15 degrees warmer when the sun comes out. While it’s below zero, your ticket is $5 off, so no need to wait for prime time.

Groomers were out last night, and you’ll find fresh corduroy on Bear Ridge, Sister Bear, Aspen from top to bottom, Rabbit 1 and 2, andmore.

First bus today is at 10 a.m., last bus at 3:30. Bring your goggles and mask, and we’ll drop you off warm and dry to enjoy the beauty we’ve been surrounded by this season. So much snow!

We’ll see you soon!