Sunday Feb 25 Day 42. First bus at 10, last bus at 4. Prime time at 1 for $5 off. Fresh groomers today include Bear Ridge and Lost Bear, Bear Cub beginner area, Rabbit 1, 2, and 4, Sundance, Solar Coaster, Black Spruce, Aspen (all the sunny side runs there), Shreds, Moosewalk, and Trans Montane…

At 7 a.m. it’s 6 above at the base lodge, and 1 above at mid mountain.

Yesterday was a real shred fest, and there are still plenty of soft turns to be found on the outer runsĀ and glades. So much snow this season!

Next weekend is March, and we will be springing forward one hour to our spring hours to take advantage of the warm, sunny afternoons. We will be open 11-5 next Friday and for the remainder of the season. This is just a heads up, that’s next weekend.

For more information and some photos from yesterday,

We’ll see you SOON.