POWDER Sunday!

Day 5 on the Moose. We received a surprise blast of 1-2″ of new snow last night. At 6:30 a.m. it’s 15 above at the base, 20 above at mid mountain, and a balmy 24 degrees on top.

First bus at 10, last bus at 3:15. Prime time is $5 off at 12:30. Baby Bear beginner tow operates on demand. Just let us know and we’ll fire it up.

The mountain has been 95% groomed this week.  Fresh groomers today include Pipeline, Alpenglow, Green Plate, Switchback, Alder, Waterfall Braids.  It’s going to be a blast out there!

For more information, try www.facebook.com/shredthemoose/ We can’t wait to see you soon!