Saturday, Feb 24. First bus at 10, last bus at 4. At 6 a.m. it’s 3 above at the base lodge and 6 above on top. One of the most violent and snowy storms ever seen on the Moose finally ended by last night.

An experienced long time Alaskan heading home on snowmobile called 911 near midnight Thursday when his machine went off the obliterated trail north of Moose Mountain and plowed into deep snow. After exhausting himself trying to get the machine out, he was found hours later lying in deep snow, hypothermic and disoriented, and luckily able to sit on the back of a snowmobile and ride to a waiting ambulance at mid mountain. Kudos to him for dressing properly and carrying his charged cell phone. It could have turned out much worse.

There was a foot of new snow on the mountain as of yesterday, and the wind has finally died, leaving us with a mix of deep powder in sheltered areas, and heavy drifting at higher, exposed elevations.

With our service district contractor swamped and not available for a few more days, most of our day was spent plowing roads and parking, so we only managed to groom a couple of narrow runs from top to bottom. Those will be easy to find in the midst of the mayhem up top. Shredding today is mostly recommended for experienced skier and boarders.

We did groom around the base area to accommodate beginners on the Bear Cub rope tow, as well as the long gentle trail from Raven’s Roost down Moosewalk and Moose Meadow back to the road for downhill pickup at mid mountain.

Thanks to all for staying off the mountain and leaving us a clean slate of first tracks for this morning’s shred fest!