It’s Friday morning, still snowing lightly, 8 below from Fairbanks to the top of Moose Mountain. We are approaching full length shred days, and we’ll be open from first bus at 10 through last bus at 3:45. It’s $5 off when it’s below zero at the Moose, and we’ll give you a warm 8-10 minute ride to the top.

The snow is dry, approaching an inch of new, and we have regroomed huge areas, which will be magically carvilicous again this weekend. The short list includes Baby Bear, Sister Bear, Brother Bear, Lost Bear, Bear Ridge, Bear Scat, Bear Cub beginner tow, Bear Braids, Shreds, Otter Slide, Weasel Alley, Otter Slide, Gee, Haw, The Rut, Black Bear, Alpenglow, and Sluice Box…WOW! See you soon.