Sunday, Jan 20. Day 25. Open today from first bus at 10 to last bus at 3:30. Prime time starts at 12:45 for $5 off, but if it’s still below zero there’s no need to wait, it’s already $5 off.

At 4 a.m. temps are hanging just below zero with snow falling, no inversion and about 2″ of fluffy new snow in the past day or two. Fresh groomers for today include North side Bear Braids, Sister Bear, Lost Bear, Green Plate, Sundance, White Spruce skier’s center right, not to mention the dozens of others groomed the past few days now with that super soft cheater pow lying on them.

The sun continues its relentless return to the north country, just clearing Ester dome at the end of the ski day. We are now gaining over 6 minutes of sunshine daily. We will soon be operating the busses a full 6 hour schedule again.