Only 1 week until the winter solstice.  This will be day 9 on the Moose, and it’s going to be a cold smoke powder Friday.

We have been fortunate to have received over 30″ so far on the Moose, with 2-3″ added this week.  We will resume grooming after today’s shred fest on our 40 groomed runs.

Sunshine is predicted today, and there’s no place to get more of it than on our south sloping runs.    First bus at 10 today, last bus at 2:45.   Prime time is at 12:30 for $5 off, but if it’s below zero at the base when you arrive, it’s already $5 off so no need to wait.  We don’t “stack” discounts for cold and prime.  

At 6 a.m. it’s 7 below at the base and 0 at the top.  Bring your goggles and balaclava and we’ll keep you warm and dry in our heated busses all the way to the top.  Get ready for some of  the softest, driest snow anywhere.

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We’ll see you SOON!