Sunday, April 1. A foot of new on a 100% groomed base!

But…no fooling..Happy Easter. It will be a great final day on the Moose. Temperatures are already in the 20’s at 7 a.m. with a couple inches of new overnight.. Forecast calls for clearing, sunny, and mid 30’s today, a perfect formula for fun.

First bus at 11, last bus at 5, prime time at 1:45 to give you time to enter the season pass drawing at 2 p.m. on the deck at the base lodge.

It’s been a great season, with over 100″ of snow at mid mountain, and a beautifully cool March to preserve the snowpack right to the end.

We know our road will turn on us when the sun and warm weather comes along any day now, so we must say goodbye until next fall. Come celebrate our 58th day on the Moose and keep an eye out for the flash of color marking those easter eggs on your favorite runs!

Congratulations to Kelly, our first season pass holder for the 2018/19 shredding season.

One of you will be joining her SOON.

Meanwhile, check out a few of these ‘gapers’ from yesterday at