Good Morning shredders.  This could be the greatest inversion ever seen.  At 5:30 a.m. it is 12 below in Fairbanks, 7 above at the Moose Mountain base lodge, 22 above at mid mountain, and a scorching 37 above at Cleary Summit, which is about the same elevation as the top of Moose.  That’s an astonishing 49 degrees of inversion.

It’s Christmas Eve, and we’ll be open from first bus at 10 until last bus at 2:45.  Watch for the hours to start getting longer each week until we reach our full 10-4 schedule by the end of January.

The sunshine was spectacular again yesterday, and the Alaska range resembled a crisp paper cutout above a valley lit with alpenglow on the snow.  Come on up here, get out of the cold and dirty air and have some fun.   Fresh groomed runs this morning include Glacier and Sister Bears, Sluice Box, Wolverine, Alpenglow, and more!  It’s going to be so nice today, don’t miss it!

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