Good morning from The Moose! It’s Friday, Jan 28 and it’s warmed up and snowing again, with about an inch of new so far! We are open today from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. Upper gate closes at 3:45.
At 4 a.m., it’s 3 above at the base and 0 on top. Wind from the northeast on top will make it a very good day to arrive at the summit in a heated vehicle and head southwest down our now fully re-groomed mountain! Groomers choices today are Black Bear and White Spruce.
For live temperatures any time just go to our home page at, and scroll down to the weather buttons. You can also purchase your skinning/hiking or self shuttle/carpool tickets there, and we’ll have them ready when you arrive.
Rentals are available by appointment at We recommend only intermediate and higher skiers on the mountain, unless you’d like to hike up and practice on the beginner area at the base.
Self shuttle vehicles must have all wheel drive and winter tires for safety.
Mask and vaccine card are still required to actually enter the lodge, but we can easily serve you on the deck if you prefer.
We’ll see you soon!
Here’s a view from Moose Meadow..the sun is coming back!
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