Thursday Jan 7. Another beautiful day in Alaska. Moose Mountain will resume opening this Friday-Sunday from 11 a.m. until sunset about 3:15. All private vehicles must be off the upper mountain by 3:00 when the gates close.
Temperatures are expected in the teens and above through the weekend, and we are now gaining 4-1/2 minutes/day of sunshine.
In answer to previous questions, we can sell only 1 “guest” pass per season pass holder at this time. However, a $100 season pass (less than the price of a day pass at many resorts) will get you up to 40 more days of climbing, hiking, and self shuttle shredding in the remaining months.
If the self shuttle becomes too popular, we will be obliged to restrict the numbers in favor of the residents of Moose Mountain, starting with the elimination of guest passes. There are about 100 season passes remaining. Get yours now at
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