DEEP POWDER FRIDAY 2020 has finally arrived! After 7 weeks of deep freeze with 50/50 chance of even opening, we have made it to Feb 7, with 6″ of snow since we last opened 2 weeks ago, including 4″ freshies from yesterday.

As per our custom, we have left it all powder for your shredding pleasure, and recommend it for intermediate and better skiers and boarders. Early morning temps are 16 above at all elevations. We’ll get you to the top warm and dry and the entire mountain is your palette. Let’s see some pretty turns out there!

First bus at 10:00, last one at 4, half day at 1:00 for $5 off. We are so happy to be seeing you again after the record breaking cold. We’ll be open today, Saturday, and Sunday. Let’s get this mountain shredded!