Sunday, January 3. Open today for skinning and hiking from 11 to 3.
It’s 3 below at the base at 6:30 a.m., with similar temps all up the mountain.
Our busses aren’t running this season, but drivers may drop off trusted family and friends with season passes ($100 at at the top. Season Pass holders may also purchase a guest pass at the lodge for $15. All vehicles must be 4 wheel drive with snow tires, and must be off the mountain by 2:30.
We are gaining 4 minutes/day now, and next week we will begin gradually extending our hours to keep up with the sunlight.
Masks are required at the base and parking areas, the lodge is closed, no rentals, lessons or food is available. It’s just a good thing that the views, the clean air, and skiing down are so much fun. That, and many of you look to be getting in seriously great shape. Congratulations!