September 24, 2021

At this time Alaska is experiencing the worst outbreak in the U.S. of the current pandemic and we consider it too risky, unless things change in the coming months, to fill our busses with skiers and snowboarders. Like last season, we may be obliged to offer limited services.

We have a good road, and for folks with good AWD vehicles, we sold passes for self shuttle and for skinning and hiking. Those who tried it were very pleased to be able to ski/board from a warm vehicle, and found it easy to get plenty of runs. Without lift service, we only charged for grooming and plowing (about half the price of our bus service), and we did not have our beginner tow, rental shop, or even our lodge open to the public. At least this year there is some measure of protection available with vaccination, though only about half of Alaskans are choosing to use it. We have not yet decided how our season will play out, but we will be open for skiing one way or the other. We should have a better idea in the coming months. Thanks for checking in.

Moose Mountain Ski Area
Fairbanks, Alaska