Tough little cold snap we had there, though no records were shattered. When it’s 40-50 below, time stands still..and we missed 4 days in the past two weekends. The 40 below club down at the UAF sign was busy though. They missed an entire winter last year. Lotta catch up going on.

So welcome back to shredding the Moose. We’ll be open with our full schedule for the rest of the season, with first bus at 10, last bus at 4 on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Gates will open at 9:15, lodge at 9:30. Beginner tow will operate from noon to 3:30, rentals will be due back at 3:45.

There was an inch of new somewhere during the cold, probably the driest lightest ever seen, with 2% water content. Shredding should be soft and smooth this weekend. For current temps, check the weather buttons below this report.

We’ll see you soon!