Tuesday, November 10. Two feet of snow in November already!
We have an answer to the question about skinning, hiking, and skiing with your pass. The state law clearly states that no skiing or snowboarding may take place on the ski area without ski patrol on site.
This means, unless some of our ski patrol that participate in uphill skiing agree to a special session during the week, it will not be allowed even with a season pass for skinning and hiking. If our gates are closed, there is no trespassing during the ski season.
It appears that Skiland is allowing it for the time being.
We are opening this Friday the 13th from 10 a.m. to hand out passes that have been pre-purchased (the only option for this weekend) and open for skinning and hiking with skis or snowboards. We have groomed most of the mountain before the massive dump, and there will be a few trails regroomed for skiing and for climbing, the rest being deep powder.
Bring your face mask for use at our base area and parking lot. You will not be allowed to remain on site without it.
Thanks for your understanding, as we move cautiously toward what could prove to be an interesting and enjoyable ski season.
Please review these guidlines from the National Ski Areas Association…we’ll see you SOON! https://nsaa.org/skiwellbewell