It’s snowing in the hills!   In a few more weeks our pre-season pass sale will be ended.  Be sure to get your pass and save $100 per person in the month of October.   “The Moose” is typically open 50-60 days per season making it easily possible to ski for less than $10 per day on an adult pass, or less on a student/military or child pass.   Get yours now and you’ll have something fun to do every weekend this winter.  Moose Mountain usually opens in November, and once we started on October 28.  Could this be another early deep ski season?  You never know.

If you prefer to purchase your pass in person, come to the base lodge on Saturday October 28.  If we have your paid pass and photo already you can pick it up and be ready to head straight to the bus on opening day.  We can hardly wait to see you again.