Good Morning Shredders! Season passes are $100 off through Tuesday October 31st. Time to stop procrastinating. You know it’s going to snow more. This is Alaska after all.

It is now Saturday October 28th, the day we have promised to be at the Moose Mountain base lodge from noon ’til four, taking pictures, handing out season passes sold through our web store, and selling passes and 10 pack day ticket vouchers.

Unfortunately, the roads most likely will be very dangerous today with the rain last night and below freezing this morning. The trouble is, even if you are a good driver with excellent tires, there will be those out there driving too fast for conditions and being a threat to others, and there is little to nothing we can do about it except stay home until road conditions improve.

We highly recommend going to our web site: . Go to passes and purchase your passes or coupon books with paypal or scroll down to use your credit card.

We will be at the lodge from noon-four this afternoon as promised, and we welcome those who still wish to come out to purchase or pick up, just drive very carefully.