Sunday Dec. 3. Day #9 on the Moose (pre-season pass break even day!) Open today, gate opens at 9, lodge at 9:30, first bus at 10, last bus at 3, half day at 12:30 for $5 off but if it’s still below zero at the lodge it’s already $5 off, no need to wait.
Fresh groomers this morning include Lost Bear, Brother Bear, Sister Bear, Sundance, Rabbit Run 3, Left/Middle White Spruce, Wolverine and the Bear Cub Learning Center.
Season Pass holders may park at mid mountain lodge 1/4 mile above upper gate, but please don’t ski down before 9:45 when ski patrol are on site.
At 6 a.m. it’s 6 below at the lodge, and 12 above and calm on top. For live temperatures, check the tabs below.
We’ll see you soon!