Sunday, December 17. Day 14. Open today.

The grooming elves stayed out late last night, grooming Shreds, Weasel Alley, Northern Light, Lower Alpenglow & some Moose Meadow, Lost Bear, Baby Bear, Smokey Bear Braids, Solar Coaster, Rabbit Run 1, and skier’s left of White Spruce and Sundance!

It’s warm again, with temps in the mid 20’s on the mountain. Plenty of ungroomed runs remain, mostly well tracked by yesterdays shredmob. For live temps check the weather buttons below.

Gates open at 9, lodge at 9:15, first bus at 10, last bus 2:45, half day at 12:15 for $5 off.

Best way to catch first bus? Have a season pass, park at mid mountain lodge, 1/4 mile above upper gate (watch for PARKING sign on the left), ski down at 9:45 when skii patrol is on site. Northern Light and lower Alpenglow are nicely groomed for you this a.m.