Saturday, March 30. Day 60 on the Moose! It’s also Gaper Day, where you wear a costume and get a second chance at our annual season pass drawing at 2 p.m. Get your drawing tickets by 1:50 p.m. and be on or near the front deck. To be in the drawing, you must have a season or day pass and be present to win.

First bus at 11, last bus 4:50, (or sooner if the road gets too slick or muddy). We made it yesterday, so we have high expectations for another full day. Slopes were hard at first, then turned soft in the sun by afternoon. It should be similar this afternoon.

Rope tow will run from noon-4:30. Rentals must be returned by 4:45. Half day starts at 1:45 today in time for a drawing ticket and also the best part of the day for shredding. We’ll see you here!