Welcome to Martin Luther Weekend..we’ll be open today through Monday with first bus at 10, and last bus at 3:30.
It looks like another $5 off day with early morning lows in the teens below, and strong inversions just above the lodge to around zero at mid mountain and 7 above on top. Bring your warm clothes and we’ll get you to the top warm and dry and ready to ride.
Fresh groomers this week include Way Bear, Lost Bear,Glacier Bear, Bear Ridge and braids, Green Plate, Solar Coaster, Sundance,Trans Montane, White Spruce, Moose Meadow, Shreds, and Alpenglow.
Groomer’s choice for Friday is a tie between the middle of White Spruce and Shreds. What a lineup! Thanks to Glen and Jeff for all the miles out there.
For more info, check out shredthemoose.com. We’ll see you soon!