Coming this weekend…Gaper Days…season pass drawings Saturday and Sunday at 2 p.m….wear a costume for 2 chances. “The Moose” will be open Friday through Sunday from 11-5 for skinning, hiking, and self shuttle. Upper gate will close at 4:45 each day.
This will be our final weekend of the 21/22 season, as we know that the post equinox sun will begin to quickly melt our south facing runs and muddy our roads.
As we’ve done the past few months, rentals and “Baby Bear” beginner tow will be available on request. Please email for reservations.
We plan to return to full service lodge, rentals and bussing next fall, but we hesitate to guarantee. We hoped that a year ago. Somehow, the chances of safely filling busses with happy voices seems better than a year ago, so we are proceeding in that direction again.
Please wear a mask in the lodge. We’ll see you soon.
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