Sunday, March 28. Open at 11 for hiking, skinning, and self shuttle, closed at 5. A few more favorites groomed last night. Highs predicted around 20 today.
It has been a decent season, with early snow, mildish weather (only reaching 40 below one night in Fairbanks). On the mountain, 85 inches have been recorded thus far, about 2 feet over our seasonal average.
The only downside was having to operate in the midst of a raging pandemic, with over 300 Alaskan deaths and 60,000 cases, nearly one in ten Alaskans, preventing us from using busses filled with enthusiastic chatting, bragging, and laughing people getting excited about the next run.
We appreciate your understanding and your patronage, and the help of a handful of wonderful employees and our award winning ski patrol. We simply could not have operated without you. We are hoping and planning to return to normal next season and we hope you will be with us.
We know, from nearly 30 years of operation, that the angle of the sun will soon be muddying our south facing road, and thawing the runs. Combine that with the fact that we are not covering our expenses and are dipping deeply into our savings, it is time for us to stop for the season, even if we could possibly squeeze another weekend in the unseasonably cool and snowy weather.
It is typical for Skiland, with it’s north facing aspects, to make it well into April, barring hot weather and above freezing nights. We hope to see you there as well.
Those of you who have purchased season passes will be first in line for “loyalty” discounts next season. We truly appreciate the help, and your…yes…loyalty! to “the Moose”. And yes, there will be skinning and hiking passes available again.
Have a great spring and summer.
Moose Mountain staff and ski patrol.
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