Saturday, December 17….a cold smoke powder Saturday. Open today from first bus at 10 to last bus at 2:40. At 6:30 a.m. it is 1 above on top of the Moose, descending slowly to 4 below a couple hundred feet above the base then dropping to 18 below right at the base lodge. Bring your goggles, face mask and layers because we have SNOW this week.
The Moose has received 9 inches of new snow during the week, on top of a 90% groomed base. Shredding will actually be epic. Be prepared to cover your face at the bottom as you make those last few turns. It is going to be worth it.
Unless temps at the base lodge come up about 10 degrees (like they did around 4 a.m. to -10f) we won’t be running the beginner tow this morning.
Lodge opens at 9:30. Tickets are $5 off all day due to the cold at the base. Only one $5 discount as usual, no need to prepay or wait for half day. Online sales close at 8 am and we’ll have your ticket ready when you arrive.
We’ll see you SOON!
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