Monday, Martin Luther King Day, 21 on the Moose! Open from first bus at 10 until last bus at 3:30…we are now gaining 5 minutes/day and over half an hour/week! Yeehaw!! Oh yeah..lodge opens at 9:30.

At 4 a.m. it’s 7 above at the base and 14 up top. It’s going to be a fun time with more fresh groomers like Black Spruce, Solar Coaster, Wolverine, and more of White Spruce…

Half day starts at 12:45 for $5 off. With nearly full days now, we have discontinued our on line discounts on day passes. You can still purchase season passes for skinning or bus served skiing.

If you have today off, you’d better come out and enjoy this balmy January day. You never know when “balmy” can change to “brrrr”.

We’ll see you SOON!