Saturday, March 2. Day 47. Sunny and cool.

Moose will open today from first bus at 11 through last bus at 5.

Yesterday the temps at the base lodge were just below zero from 1 to 4 p.m with similar temps on the mountain. Today’s forecast looks much the same but without the rapid cooling at the end, and warmer air tomorrow.

Gates open at 10:15, lodge at 10:30. Rope tow operates on demand from 11:45 to 4:30. Rentals are due back at 4:45.

Fresh groomers today include White Spruce, Wolverine, Lost Bear, Brother Bear, Smokey Bear Braids, Bear Cub beginner area, Rabbit 1 & 2, Aspen, Aspen Braid, and one Bunny Hill Braid!

Bring you NES (no exposed skin) gear and prepare to shred our 90% groomed mountain! We’ll see you SOON!

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