Moose Mountain will re-open for skiing in November 2019, snow gods willing.  Our annual season pass sale will begin on line from this web site, in September and October.

Thank you for another great season on the Moose.  The top of Moose received 72″ of snow through the 17th of March, when we had to close after 50 days of shredding due to weeks of sunshine and 50 degree temperatures.  In Fairbanks, and on the Tanana River at Nenana, it was officially the 2nd warmest March and the earliest breakup in our 100+ year recorded history.  The snowfall was less than last year, but it was right about average on the mountain.

Thanks to all of you long time pass holders, our excellent staff, and Fireline Transport for their reliable bus service.  Thank you to all who tried “shredding the Moose” for the first time and for helping us continue our tradition of the warmest lift service in the coolest of ski environments.

We can’t wait to see you again.  Have a fabulous Alaskan summer.  Get outside every day, rain or shine.  We’ll see you in the fall.