Moose Mountain will re-open for skinning and hiking on Saturday through Monday right after Christmas.
We hope you get some cool backcountry gear to use while enjoying the quietest ski experience anywhere. A season pass for self powered skiing and boarding is only $100 and available at A guest of a pass holder may purchase a ticket at the front deck for $15 cash or by paypal/smartphone.
We are doing our best to provide a fair ski experience at a minimum budget. We appreciate those who have bought a pass to help us not really expecting to climb the hill every weekend.
The mountain top road remains closed to driving. Hiking and light nordic skiing are allowed. During open hours, pass holders may park below the gate and walk from there. Respectful driving on the mountain road is a must.
State law prohibits alpine skiing or boarding at a State approved ski area, without the presence of a certified ski patrol. We’ll see you on Saturday-Monday 11-3.
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