Thursday, March 11. An all powder Thursday. 4″ of new this week. Temperatures are in the single digits below on the Moose at 7 a.m., and “highs around 10” are predicted for Fairbanks with west winds calming around noon. (NWS)
Open today through Sunday at 11 a.m. Self shuttle upper gate closes at 4:30. Area closed by 5. Skinners please start your last climb by 4.
We have only 8 season passes left in our web store at $100, which allows you and a guest ($15) to self shuttle in an suv or truck with all wheel drive and winter tires.
Anyone seen passing or tailgating on the road up will be asked to leave or hike. Fortunately the vast majority of you are being safe and considerate, and getting a lot of great shredding.
We are scheduled for 10 more days of operation, barring extreme weather, sudden meltdowns, etc. It has happened. Our snowpack is very good now, with over 6′ of snow falling on the Moose this winter.
Thanks to Groomer Jeff for this photo…the sun is a beautiful thing in a long Alaskan winter.
When we can’t ski, and the snow gets rough and set up, we go lay down some “sortaroy” with our lighweight blades (thanks for that word Jeff). It’s how we keep our snow smooth and soft for as long as possible.
Now imagine a few hundred acres of this, covered with 4 inches of cold, dry powder.
We don’t often groom new powder until it’s been shredded.
We’re gonna need some help with that.
See you SOON.
May be an image of snow, ski slope and nature