I, the undersigned 2020-21 Season Passholder at Moose Mountain Ski Resort, understand and agree:

1.)  My season pass must be worn at all times when I ski at Moose Mountain Ski Resort.  This pass is nontransferable.  Allowing its use by any other person for any reason is cause for Moose Mountain Ski Resort to immediately revoke the pass without refund and refusal to sell future passes to the holder.

2.)  The pass remains the property of Moose Mountain Ski Resort.  Moose Mountain Ski Resort retains the right to revoke the pass and not sell me future passes if I disregard any ski area policies or directions given me by authorized Moose Mountain Resort personnel.  Certain areas may be closed due to hazards or for the protection of public health and safety.  I agree to abide by these closures and to stay within ski area boundaries.

3.)  My Season Pass is non-refundable.  The duration of the skiing season, the skiing conditions and the amount of the ski hill open for public use are subject to natural forces beyond the control of Moose Mountain Ski Resort.  Moose Mountain Ski Resort makes no guarantee as to the number of days or the amount of the ski hill which will be open for skiing, or the quality of the skiing conditions.

4.)  If I am a parent or guardian of children with a Moose Mountain season pass, I accept responsibility for informing my children of Moose Mountain Ski Resort policies governing the use of season passes, as well as all general policies and rules which govern skiing or snowboarding at Moose Mountain Ski Resort.  I accept responsibility for my child's action while he or she is at Moose Mountain Ski Resort.

5.)  If the pass is lost, stolen, damaged, defaced, or otherwise unusable, I must pay $50.00 for a replacement pass.

6.)  Moose Mountain Ski Resort will grant me a discounted ticket at  50% of full day rate on a one-time basis if I forget my pass.  Thereafter I will be charged the FULL DAY RATE if I forget my pass.

7.)  Skiing and snowboarding are hazardous activities with many dangers and risks.  Injuries are a common and ordinary occurrence of the sports.  I freely accept and voluntarily assume the risks of personal injury, death and property damage.  I release Moose Mountain Ski Resort, its employees and agents from any and all liability from personal injury, death or property damage resulting from negligence, conditions of the premises, operations of the ski area, action or omissions of employees or agents of the ski area, or from any participation in skiing or snowboarding.

8.)  My pass is valid on open days only, with ski patrol on site. Skiing or snowboarding on closed days is considered trespassing and may result in loss of pass without recouse.

I have read, understand and agree to all terms of this agreement.

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October 18, 2021


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