Thursday, Dec 21, Winter Solstice. The sun shines straight down on the Tropic of Cancer tonight, and we will have a wee bit more sunshine tomorrow.

Open today, gates at 9, lodge at 9:30, first bus at 10, last bus at 2:45, half day at 12:15. At 7 a.m. it’s 5 below at the base lodge, with 8-10 above on the mountain. To check live temps s scroll down to the weather buttons on this page.

We have been regrooming that foot of dense pow from last week. Fresh groomers for today include Lost Bear, Sister Bear, Brother Bear, Aspen, White Spruce, Wolverine, Waterfall, Rabbit 2, Alder, Switchback, skier’s left of White Spruce, Grizzly Gulch, Lost Bear, Bear Cub beginner area and Moose Meadow!