Saturday, Jan 6. Gates at 9, lodge at 9:15, first bus at 10, last bus 3, half day at 12:30 for $5 off. Cold weather discounts are discontinued. Beginner tow runs 10:45-2:45. Rentals must be returned by 2:45.
For the temperatures on the mountain this moment try the weather buttons below:

Fresh groomers today include Way Bear (all the way to the walkout), North Bear braids, Lost Bear, Waterfall, center of White Spruce and the Bear Cub beginner area.
Regroomed this week: Pipeline, Haa/Alpenglow, Weasel Alley, Otterslide, Shreds, Goldpanner, Sluicebox, Sundance, Solar Coaster, Rabbit runs 1,2,3,4, Black Spruce, White Spruce, Wolverine, Bear Cub beginner area, Glacier Bear, Sister Bear, Brother Bear, Baby Bear, Lost Bear, Smokey Bear braids, Bear Bowl walkout!