How much snow do we need to call it a powder Friday? The Moose received 1.5 cm new snow on Monday. That’s enough to sweeten and soften our fully groomed mountain and turn it to carveliciousness?

Ok we made up that word, but it’s going to be another fine weekend on Friday-Sunday.

Lodge opens 9:30. First bus at 10. Last bus 3:00. Beginner tow starts 10:45.

The upper parking lot is available to SEASON PASSHOLDERS only. Please don’t ski/board down until 9:45 AM when ski patrol is on site (state law). Go up 1/4 mile past our upper gate until you see the parking sign on the left, 2828 Moose Mountain Road. Be sure to get back to your car by 3:30 PM, so you won’t get locked in.