Friday March 5th. Open today at 11 for self shuttle, hiking and skinning. Upper gate closes at 4:30, lower gate closes and we go home at 5:00.
At 6:30 a.m. it’s zero at the base and mid teens on the mountain. Look for solar warming all afternoon. We have groomed about half of that chopped powder (22″ in February), leaving the deepest and least tracked for later. Fresh groomers this weekend include Sundance, Solar Coaster, Rabbits 1-4, Aspen, Upper Waterfall, a strip down middle of White Spruce, Sluice Box, Goldpanner, Shreds, Haw, Northern Light, 1/3 Pipeline, Lost Bear, Baby Bear, Sister Bear, and Smokey Bear Braids. Some of those have a couple inches of new on them from Tuesday..
It’s going to be a fine weekend on the Moose, with now over 10-1/2 hours of sunshine per day.
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